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Thursday, December 16, 2010

"SAMALAK" - in 21st century

        "SAMALAK" - A new style of art and literature will be the most popular style of 21st century, proclaimed the famous poet of "NAVGEET" LATE RAJENDRA PRASAD SINGH in a seminar held in Poddar Samiti Bhawan in 18th December 1994. Innovating its subject, "SAMALAK" a style of Lalit kala - in precept of literature, he told further "It reflects the entity of nature through art and literature in its entireness". He praised its propounder Sri Anil Kumar Sinha for its execution along with the artist M. M. Manish, young one Mukesh Sona and cartoonist Sunil for its artification and placement in the seminar. "Virtually ,it is , a superb of revolution ", He told . 
         Dr Promod Kumar  Singh, an university professor of B.U. Hindi Department Conjoined the texture of this style with Culture, Art and Literature of prehistoric and different parts of history, including medieval and modern. He alleged further optimistically, "The world is in duplex therefore oneness of visual aptitude has never been excepted  in its optimum. In the 'NASDEEYA SUKTA' of REIG VEDA, 'SYADWAD' of Tirthanker Mahaveer, 'the ultimate truth, No Yoga- No Voga', The condept of Lord Budha and the last stage of Adi Guru Shankaracharya in which he sentimentally tended towards worship and Shank in it finally, are the happinings reflect the feasibility of SAMALAK LITERATURE. Hence it is not easy to neglect its life-philosophy and vitality of expression,  whether honored wordly the "SAMALAK" or not . " This style is waiting no more for a letter of credence", he stressed.
           Farsighted professor Promod Babu critically assessed, samalak art and linked with the "Barrock" style of Europe,'GUAIRNICA' the famous art of Picaso and the 'NARI-KUNJAR' style of Rajasthan (India) and told, "This art profounds the duality of truth and shapes its relativity and reflectiveness."   
            It's founder Sri Sinha elaborated the word "SAMALAK" analysing it SAM-AL-AC or SAM-AC-AL and cleared its meaning "The same, pertaining to, altogether". In English, its pronunciation is the same as hindi, 'Samalaki', 'Samalakiya', 'Samalaks' would be its adjective, adverb and plural respectively with the same pronunciation as Hindi. only its plural form 'Samalake' or 'Samalako' would be in Hindi. it is a noun, singular and neuter gender of English while masculine in Hindi grammar only.
          Among others,reader of B.U. Dr. Ramkishore Choudhary lyricist Smt. Usha Kiran, Madhvendra Verma, young poet Niranjan Kumar 'Nirbhaya' and editor G.N. Bhatt expressed their concept on "SAMALAK".
         Senior lyricist Amrendra Kumar 'Punit' presided over the seminar. In his finishing touch he expressed his differences with "SAMALAK" as a word but offered full support to the style to whom he called immortal.

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