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Friday, January 21, 2011

W S O invites for Alekh on these topics .

World Samalak Organisation invits essay on the topics mentioned within 10 page(max) of normal bookfrom the EXPERTS of subjects concerned either by email or by post ,Samalak Sadan,Puranchand lane,Kalayni,Muzaffarpur_842001.BIHAR,(India).
   SL.No                 Subject
     (1)       Samalak-In the view of language science in Hindi/English/Urdu & Sanskrit.
     (2)       Samalak-As literary style
     (3)       Samalak Darshan's concepts & present.
     (4)       Samalak & Bhartiya Yoga.
     (5)       Samalak-An Arts & its Utility.
     (6)       Samalak Culture in Indian Philosophy.
     (7)       Samalak Culture & Expected balance Thought.
     (8)       Samalak Darshan-In the view of Educational Subjects.


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