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Monday, May 2, 2011

IRTE in the light of SAMALAK DARSHAN

          In the light of SAMALAK DARSHAN ,a new economic theory has been propounded, called Nano economics and named Inter related theory of economics(IRTE).Which is a try to creat equilibrium in between traditional matter exchange system and present currency exchange system by inter relating process. Choose two maxium produced products of two different fields in one currency area, which inclueds five components (i)labour (ii) capital (iii) time (iv)product (v) cost/currency.Which produced a concept of (i)Unit labour (ii)Unit capital(iii)Unit time(iv)Unit product(v)Unit coast/currency.
           A thought behind this theory  is to create equilibrium among the above five components, sothat to
eliminate curruption,bribing and other social evils.   

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