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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Gujre pal 2 (e-book)

Gujre pal 2 (e-book)

Hindi Geet-2

by Anil Kumar Sinha (write a review)
Type: e-book
Genre: Poetry
Language: Hindi
Price: Rs.150.00
Available Formats: PDF Immediate Download on Full Payment
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Description of "Gujre pal 2 (e-book)"
Sincere Readers,This book is one step further from “GUJRE P{AL-!” & enter in the moment of life after ending loneliness of adolescence and to some extent early youngness of ANGRAAI . An young bears face of multi- dimensions character beyond loneliness . AND ie. Marrage.
This life extends & able to maintain its continuity till further , having gather gradually the memory of the moments of before marriage & some after that till full of charge and charm instant. Bearing APNAPAN of childhood, The feelings of equality (SUMRASATA) of young, the wisdom of pre-old age & the searching eyes of old age ,Human have to travail on his last journey.
This hindi geet sangrah is a collection of The feelings of equality (SUMRASATA) of young &, the wisdom of pre-old age. Starting from Its 1st poem of pre marriage stage and after that to which extent its poems march that should be determined by READERS Feeling on their different age. If it touches our readers,That will be the success of this book.
About the author(s)
The author ANIL KUMAR SINHA has profounded SAMALAK DARSHAN, literary style and even the word "SAMALK". He has also innovated a new evolution theory in samalakiya form and also enter related theory of economics. Along with this work he has written GAZAL, VAYANGA, SAMALAKS and English poetry book also, he is a journalist since 1968, in various national and international leading news papers and magazines his articles has been published. for further detail go through the blogs and articles in web- www.samalak.blogspot.com
Book Details
- See more at: http://pothi.com/pothi/book/ebook-anil-kumar-sinha-gujre-pal#sthash.yZj4...
Book Details
- See more at: http://pothi.com/pothi/book/ebook-anil-kumar-sinha-gujre-pal-2#sthash.zXMehKcC.dpuf

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